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  Hello Blog World! its me blog addicted boy from Nepal. Since I am a learner. I had started to blogging last year. At the beginning I was totally empty of blogging knowledge. But now I can do many things on blog. Now I am able to do something on blog. Thats all because of you all blogger friends. I have learnt so many things from you blogger guys. And I wanna dedicate this blog to the blog world. 

  Blogging experience for me is really interesting and  full of new knowledges. Before I started blogging even I had not knowledge of  Html  Now I have learnt about it and process is going on. Now I am so addicted with it cos I love it. Through blogging I can share my thoughts and knowledges and gain knowledges of you. So please share your feelings and ideas with me. cos I am here only for that. I hope that you all blogger lovers will love it. and visit it. I will always work hard and come up with something knowledgeable and usable tips. Thank you guys ...happy blogging...see ya on other posts...keep me visiting.... 


About Blog Foundation:: Hello Blog World...Tashidelek! You are welcome to Blog Foundation. Blog Foundation was fonded to serve all you blogger people Actually I am a blog addicted and learner. Not perfect person indeed. Here I share whatever I have learnt. Thank you guys for visiting Blog Foundation. Thujechhe.