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Yeah guys, finally Facebook releases one more security option for it's users. Last Saturday Facebook lunched it for all users. Now we can feel more secure our Facebook account.  Mostly it is useful for those who use Cyber Cafe and in case if they forget to log out their account. And we all know that now days there are so many hackers who can easily hack our account. If it happened we can receive all details   through email or sms after activating this security option. So let't check it out right now:
You can see how to do it on a screen shoot given above. 
Ok I'll tell you the steps:
1. Go to your Facebook Account then click on Account setting. 
2. Click on Account Security and change. 
3. If you wanna receive email and sms click on button and save. 
If other people is using your account there will be all details. and you can log out your account. 

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