Nepal's first search engine to go online in Oct

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Now, also we have search engine from Nepal. Yes guys it sounds great...This is gonna be lunched from Oct. Here is the detail news taken from Republic News.

Nepal will soon have its own search engine. After the immense popularity of search engines like Google and Yahoo, a local youth has developed possibly the first search engine based in Nepal. The project was unveiled for the first time at the ongoing Midas CAN SofTech 2010.

Apar Thebe, who developed the search engine named ´ebuzz asia´, said that the search engine would be launched commercially by October. Thebe said he thought of this concept when he could not find necessary documents for his research when he was studying abroad.

“I felt that our data and information are not digitized. I worked on the search engine project to make our data and information available to all at a single click,” Thebe said.

“I first want the search engine to be liked by Nepali people,” he said, elaborating why he does not want to reveal information about his prized project.

The search engine will be launched in beta version in October. “It will take three years for us to come up with the full-fledged version,” Vinay Regmi, the chief operating officer of ebuzz asia, told He also said the ebuzz asia will be different from other search engines.

“We will have the option of a comment box where users can enter the comments and share what they could not find in our search engine. This helps us to update our data bank,” he added.

At present, the ebuzz asia team is busy digitizing the data and information. The team, however, has been facing challenge as most of our data and information are in traditional files and book shelves.

The team has employed 14 youths for the project.

“We are hopeful that information related to Nepal will be digitized and Nepali will get easy access to them,” Regmi added. He further added that they were expecting support from Central Bureau of Statistics, MoIC and universities and libraries for digitization of data.

People can use ebuzz asia to search information from any part of the world. “One can add the location of his/her home in the map as well,” Regmi added.

The ebuzz asia team said they were getting some assistance from foreign countries and were looking for some local sponsors to materialize the project.

“There are ample opportunities inside the country, we want to work hand in hand with young IT professionals who are looking for opportunities,” Thebe said.

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